Elevate your understanding

Do you know who’s in your network and what they are doing?

Compact and simple solution

Using a compact and simple solution, Singularity Network harnesses the power of an infinite number of drill downs into the data to help companies build safer networks, mitigate risk and reduce exposure.

“Singularity Networks allows us to see anomalies before they become threats, so we can take action.”  – Client

Designed by engineers…for everyone

We know. We’ve been there. Singularity Networks was founded by the nation’s leading systems engineers — who helped build several Silicon Valley and Internet Backbone giants – to give customers the ability to make smart, proactive business decisions when the inevitable happens.

“We had no idea our system had been hacked, until Singularity Networks shined a light on the problem area.” – Client

One integrated platform. Simple to deploy.

  • On-Premise Deployment
    Software installation on commodity hardware in your data center
  • Dedicated Hosting
    Full feature deployment that can scale to any size in the cloud
  • Multi-Tenant
    Revenue generating on premise solution for your customers
  • Cloud
    Secure cloud deployment for businesses

“Singularity Networks was easy to set up, and integrated seamlessly with our other security products.” – Client

With Singularity Networks, you get:

Now you can have a flexible solution to tackle your complex infrastructure.

  • Real-time network transparency
  • A flexible solution to tackle the complexity of your infrastructure
  • Deep insights into your network, in real-time
  • Power to recognize abnormal behavior across your infrastructure
  • The tools to resolve business-impacting events—immediately

“From demo to set up in one day. It doesn’t get easier
than that!” – Client

Key Features

How It Works:

Bottoms-up data analysis

Operators need immediate awareness of their infrastructure, and by tying the building blocks of your network to the specific context of your business, intruders are quickly exposed.

Context-driven insight

Extract and correlate telemetry from a wide variety of sources, providing you with an intuitive understanding of your network.

Detailed Analysis

Geo­location, BGP ASN/prefixes, sites, host­ groups, custom applications, DNS, along with user-­to-­device identification enhance visibility.

Notifications, Your Way

Build traffic policies or compliance rules to alert you upon violation.

Business Intelligence

Integration with application layer data provides insight into business ­critical events.

Easy Integration With Current Investments

Seamless incorporation of telemetry from other platforms provides a holistic view of your infrastructure.

Retrospective Threat Reputation

A wide variety of configurable threat data sources are ingested, scored and correlated, in real­ time.

Powerful API

The Elevation™ API interfaces effortlessly with other products and platforms.

Real-Time Visibility and Security

See who is using your network and get notified the second a breach happens.

Your Data with Business Context

  • Netflow, Syslog, DNS, BGP

  • Active Directory

  • Geolocation

  • Business-specific Content

  • Threat Reputation

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